Do you remember when you were so tiny, that you fit into dads Akubra?
Do you remember how his eyes were so alert, taking in everything around him?
Did you know how much your Mum and Dad loved each other that they decided to bring you into this world?
Questions we ask each other, our children and family. Questions that are answered in the power of photography. Holding these moments in time, forever.
Welcome to the world baby River. What a joy it was to meet you 💙



Trusting in a newborn photographer is something I feel very passionate about. The way I handle your precious baby is the way I would gently handle my own.

You need someone with experience, kindness, gentleness and also an understanding that every baby is different and every baby needs different things.

This is why each of my newborn sessions vary from one to the other. Each baby has their own schedule and their own way they like to lay comfortably.