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This little man was soooooo sleepy and chilled today. And he has the most rad nickname to boot! Mummy and Daddy are still working on his name but have named him “Tana” in the meantime. Accoringing to Mummy, Tana is short for “Sultana” beacuse he is tiny and brown! Bless!! 😂

Introducing “Tana” | 7 days new


Feedback form Mum – Dear Amelia,
Thanks for a fabulous photoshoot. You worked your magic with “Tana’s” big brother and it’s safe to say you haven’t lost your touch since! Thanks for making it easy for us to include big bro (3yrs old!) even when he got a bit impatient and even helping me out with a difficult feed right before we left! You truly are amazing at what you do! Xox