It was awesome incorporating this little mans heritage into our session today, with Dad’s Brazilian soccer jersey.

Luckily for his Australian Mumma, the socceroo’s jersey is the same colours. Hee hee!! ⚽️🦘

Introducing Edward | 6 days fresh


Feedback from Mum -Thank you so much for the session today Amelia! The photos are beautiful and you made it such a joy. Edward loved it too 😍


Newborn sessions are a real art. Getting a newborn to be comfortable, supported and gently arranged into these stunning poses takes years and years of careful practice.

The way I handle your precious newborn is how I would handle my own, with love, gentleness, patience and kindness.

I understand that every baby is different and needs different things and so this is why each of my newborn sessions are suited to your newborn.

Trust in me to capture the beginning of your little one’s life with you.