Every little fella needs a teddy 🐻

My pocket sized visitor for the day. SO much cuteness!

Trusting in a newborn photographer is something I feel very passionate about. The way I handle your precious baby is the way I would gently handle my own. You need someone with experience, kindness, gentleness and also an understanding that every baby is different and every baby needs different things.

This is why each of my newborn sessions are unique as they vary from one to the other. Each baby has their own schedule and their own way they like to lay comfortably

Introducing the handsome Ashton | 9 days new

Feedback from Mum- Thankyou so much! I had the best time relaxing today! You were so good with him and the photos and ash seemed to have a great time 🙂 

                                     You made me feel so good and took everything out of my hands. I can’t wait to organise his next ones!!! Thankyou!!!!!!