21 Jul 2017

Lexi | Newborn Photography Sydney

Pure perfection with incredible eye lashes for days.

Introducing Lexi | 7 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0350Feedback from Mum - Thanks for today Amelia. You are so talented!!! I can't wait to see the rest of the snaps xx


15 Jul 2017

Sophia | Hills District Cake Smash

Miss Sophia has such a blast today during her cake smash. She certainly enjoyed the chocolate shell around the bottom of the cake mmmmm!

Happy birthday smiley!Cake Smash Photography Sydney Hills District 0295

14 Jul 2017

Mason | Hills District Cake Smash Photography

Happy number 1 birthday Mason, you adorable little sausage!Cake Smash Photography Sydney Hills District 0294

Feedback from Mum - Awww!! I love this Amelia!! He looks just like his dad!! thank you again! Can't wait to see more! 

13 Jul 2017

Max | Newborn Photography Sydney

When your gorgeous clients relocate all the way to St Georges Basin but still insist on making the trek to see you. This little man was such a superstar today. Giving me some awesome, calm eye contact up first and then nodding off into a sleep for the rest of the morning. LOVE

Meet Max | 8 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0293


11 Jul 2017

Amelia | Sydney Newborn Photography

The most perfect little parcel, with the most loving family, with the most awesome name ever.
Introducing Amelia | 6 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0252

Feedback from Mum and Dad - Thank you so much Amelia!! We really enjoyed our session today and the images are perfection!! Can't wait to see the rest of them xx Love your work Cherry on top Photography! Isabella absolutely loves the pic that just perfectly captured her for little sister!

09 Jul 2017

Wong | Hills District Family Photography

Sunets and extended family photos. Such an awesome time of year to have outdoor family photos as the sun sets so early!Family Photography Sydney Hills District 0251

Feedback from the family - Sunset lights, greenery and Amelia, our fav! Thank you. 

08 Jul 2017

Walter and Rowan | Baby Photography Sydney

Walter and Rowan
Two of the most handsome little men you should ever meet. I just love that even though they are twins, they are just so individual. They are their own little selves.Baby Photography Sydney Hills District 0250

Feedback from Mum - Oh my little men! Thanks Amelia for a wonderful morning! We had a great time. Looking forward to seeing more like these!

06 Jul 2017

Alyssa | Baby Photography Sydney

A busy mini session today with this adorbale little cheeky cherub. Happy Number 2 birthday Alyssa. I loved seeing you again so much.Bath Splash Photography Sydney Hills District 0233

Feedback from Mum - Thank you Amelia. We absolutely love the pictures. You have done a wonderful job once again! 

05 Jul 2017

Andre | Hills District Newborn Photography

Mum is outnumbered, but I don't think she minds one little bit. What a gorgeous family.

Introducing André | 7 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0232

03 Jul 2017

Hayley | Sydney Newborn Photography

Meet todays princess, Hayley. So much cuteness!Newborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0231