25 Jul 2017

Lachlan | Sydney Newborn Photography

Another beautiful boy for this perfect little family. These two are going to be best mates, thats for sure.

Introducing Lachlan | 7 days newNewborn Photography Hills District 0053

05 Jun 2017

Ashaya | Sydney Newborn Photography

I love finding pretty antiques like this lovely timber crate this little miss looked just adorable in.

Meet Ashaya | 10 days new and as sweet as pieNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0100

27 Apr 2017

James | Newborn Photography Sydney

I had this teeny-tiny little parcel of perfection in the studio today. He was so sleepy and relaxed, he didnt make a peep until he was getting dressed to go home.

Introducing bubba JamesNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0905Feedback from Mum - Thank you Amelia - we had a beautiful morning! I can't wait to see the photos! 


13 Jun 2016

Cora | Hills District Newborn Photography

I felt like I stepped back in time 2 years when this little muffins big brother was born. They are little carbon copies of each other!

Meet Cora | 9 day newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0093Feedback from Mum - Thank you so much for today Amelia!!! Just like 2 years ago it was an absolute pleasure watching you work your magic, just this time with the two of them. Cant wait to see all the pics xxx

19 Jan 2016

Cohyn | Newborn Photography Sydney

Another gorgeous little face in the studio. A first she was a sticky beak opening her eyes every now and then to take a peek at what was going on - but I soon had her in a deep sleep <3

Meet Cohyn | 6 daysNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0897Feedback from Mum - Thank you for today Amelia. The shoot was so relaxed and the sneak peek is such a tease! Can't wait to see the sibling shots of Chase and Cohyn.

31 Dec 2015

An Olympic Babe

Incredibly I completely forgot to put this post up earlier this year. As you can image it was pretty hush-hush due to a special magazine deal.

It was such an honour to capture the second baby for the amazing Australian Olympic athlete Jana Pittman. As you can image Jana look amazing being so very pregnant and was still training all the way through! Both Jana and her eldest son were so excited about a little girl joining their family. Miss Emily was a superstar and so sleepy. Congratulations Jana on your newest achievement!

Newborn Pregnancy Jana Pittman Photography Sydney Hills District 0850

27 Feb 2015

Ava | Newborn Photography Sydney

These little sister were just wonderful in the studio today. So well behaved, happy and helpful
Meet miss Ava and her little sister Sienna | 5 weeks new

Newborn Photography Sydney 0455Feedback from Mum - Thank you so much Amelia! The photos are beautiful. We can't wait to see the rest. My husband and I can't believe how easy you made the session for all of us thank you again!!


07 Feb 2015

Zoe | Newborn Photography Sydney

Look at this little face! Giving me equal amounts of awake and asleep time, made for a fantastic and fun session.
Meet Zoe | 5 weeks new

Newborn Photography Sydney 0400

23 Jan 2015

Julius | Newborn Photographer Sydney

I used every trick in the book to get this sibling shot today - and it was soooooo worth it! :)
Meet big brother Oliver and baby Julius | 8 days new


Newborn Photography Sydney 0384

21 Jan 2015

Baby Christian

Little Christian's Mum brought in this cool seed pod that she wanted to use today. The image is a composite and baby was supported by Dad the whole time.

Welcome to the world little man!

Newborn Photography Sydney 0380