30 Jul 2017

Shadi | Maternity Photography Sydney

This beauitful Mum to be rounded out a crazy weekend of FIVE fantastic sessions. So greatful for all of the amazing, beautiful families that come and see me time and again

Shadi | 36 weeks and glowing brightMaternity Photography Hills District Sydney 0057Feedback from Shadi - Thanks Amelia for these beautiful photos. Can't wait to see the whole collection. The photo session was fun and relaxed, and even Nadia enjoyed it a lot.


29 Apr 2017

Emma | Maternity Photography Sydney

How better to kick off your Baby Shower day than a mini session with me. This mumma was shining bright like a diamond today. 

Emma | 36 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0907




18 Sep 2016

Renee | Maternity Photography Sydney

The excitement of a little brother or sister growing in Mummy's tummy!! These two girls are going to be such awesome big sisters.

Renee | 37 weeks and absolutely stunningMaternity Pregnancy Photography Sydney Hills District 0404Feedback from Renee - Thank you for making us feel at ease. We thoroughly enjoyed the session. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos.


03 Oct 2014


A new life, a new beginning ...

Maternity Photography Sydney 0226


Feedback from Mum: Hey Amelia, thanks so much for the wonderful photo session! We had a lovely time. Your work is absolutely awesome! Very cool and casual and you made it very comfortable for both of us. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

12 May 2014

Mini Maternity Session

Lots of beautiful bump sessions these past few days - which means in a few weeks it shall be baby-city! This little bundle of joy is just days away from arriving!

Contact me for more information on my new MINI maternity sessions

"What a beautiful photo. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and making the session so enjoyable!" - Dad to be Zane


Maternity Photography Sydney 0055

12 Oct 2013

Bump ahead!

Lots of babies coming up towards the end of the year! Can't wait to meet this little one :)

Maternity _photography _hills _district _02

11 Oct 2013

A summer baby

Summer is approaching and it makes me glad I had two Winter babies! Mumma's who have Summer babes are an extra strong and special kind of breed :)

Maternity Photography

03 Oct 2013

A beautiful belly

Only three weeks until I get to meet this beautiful baby. You'd think that I was good at picking the sex of the baby to be (being around so many bellies!). But I'm awful at it - I couldn't even feel the difference between carrying my son and daughter!


21 Sep 2013

Beautiful Pregnancy Photography

I love that all of the Mumma's-to-be who come into my studio, leave feeling proud and confident in their body. I've been there - I have two babies of my own so I know how it feels to be pregnant, and the desires we have to be photographed in a flattering way. Put your faith in my work and my images will leave you breathless.

Today: Sonia - 35 weeks

Pregnancy _photography _sydney _01

07 Sep 2013


When you project joy, it brings joy and happiness to others. This Mumma-to-be was one of the happiest and most joyous people I have ever met. A beautiful soul.