09 Aug 2017

Harrison and Riley | Newborn Photography Sydney

Wow these boys were just so wonderful today. Baby #3 and #4 for a gorgeous, loving family.

Intorducing Harrison and Riley | 9 days newImage may contain: 2 people

Feedback from Mum - Thanks so much Amelia for a great morning. Really appreciated how hard you worked/how patient you were with the bubbas in getting shots that we will value forever/how accomodating you were of us newly out of hospital. These photos are beautiful. Can't wait to see the others.

08 Jul 2017

Walter and Rowan | Baby Photography Sydney

Walter and Rowan
Two of the most handsome little men you should ever meet. I just love that even though they are twins, they are just so individual. They are their own little selves.Baby Photography Sydney Hills District 0250

Feedback from Mum - Oh my little men! Thanks Amelia for a wonderful morning! We had a great time. Looking forward to seeing more like these!

01 May 2016

Amelia and Alexander | Twin Photography Sydney

Two little perfect peas in a perfect little pod

Meet Amelia And Alexander | 10 days newNewborn Twin Photography Sydney Hills District 0060Feedback from Mum and Dad - Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job.... Beautiful pictures... Love it. Gorgeous pictures... Love it... Thank you for the great elegant pix.. XXX

13 Mar 2016

Olivia and Lucia | Twin Photography Sydney

When two become four. Such good little girls today! Not one single sound from either of them

Introducing Olivia and Lucia | 6 days newNewborn Photography Hills District Sydney 0028Feedback from Mum - Amelia... Seeing you taking care my little girls I knew that the session would be perfect. Not only Olivia and Lucia had an amazing behavior but also both, you and Debbie made us feel confident and relax during the show. Thank you a lot! I'm so exacting to see all your work!!

20 Feb 2016

Imogen Sage and Violet Rose | Twin Photography

Twin. Identical. Newborn. Girls. Need i say anymore? High fives all around for two settled and peaceful little girls and two excellent, patient, sweet big brothers.

Meet Imogen Sage and Violet Rose | 16 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0017Feedback from Mum - Wow! Amelia I am lost for words - these photos are beyond amazing! Thank you for making the session so enjoyable for everyone. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

17 Jun 2015

Lyla and Zara | Newborn Photography Sydney

Twin identical girls Lyla and Zara were my wonderful, adorable little visitors today. Mum and Dad are as proud as punch and doubly blessed.

Did I mention I LOVE my job?

Newborn Twin Photography Sydney 0652Feedback from Mum - Thank you so so much Amelia, we absolutely love these photos and can't wait to see the rest. Thank you for your patience with the girls today, you were amazing.

24 Mar 2015

Will & Josh | Twin Newborn Photography Sydney

Oh these little boy were amazing today. Not one peep from them.
I just loved that they had their own individual look. They may be twins but they were so different!

Meet Will and Joshua | 5 days new and absolutely perfect

Twin Photography Sydney 0504

26 Feb 2015

Twin Photography Sydney

It was double the awesome with TWO bundles of joy in the studio today. 5 week old Zac and Ethan were on their absolute best behaviour today and we had a fantastic session. Doesn't their mum look incredible?!

Big thanks to my assistant Janine for being my extra set of hands.


Newborn Photography Sydney 0454Feedback form Mum -  Absolutely an amazing job well done like always photos are so amazingly beautiful memories I will never forget thankyou so much im very greatfull and appreciate todays photo shoot and thanku janine for your wonderfull helping im glad the boys were on there best behaviour for you both . Love sharee , ethan and zac .. . .


25 Sep 2013

Double Trouble!

Goodness its been a busy week with a second Twin Cake Smash in a week. These two were walking advertisements for why you would want twins. Double the adorable!


19 Sep 2013

Twin cake Smash

Double trouble today for a super fun cake smash. Twice as much mess - twice as much fun! I take my hat off to Mummies of twins, I don't know how you do it!