25 Jul 2017

Lachlan | Sydney Newborn Photography

Another beautiful boy for this perfect little family. These two are going to be best mates, thats for sure.

Introducing Lachlan | 7 days newNewborn Photography Hills District 0053

02 Jul 2017

William | Sydney Newborn Photography

This little one had the most incredible head of hair ever. I was so happy to finally meet him!

William | 27 daysNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0229Feedback from Mum - Thank Amelia for such a lovely morning - you were so great with our boys! Love these pics and can't wait to see the rest!!!


27 Apr 2017

James | Newborn Photography Sydney

I had this teeny-tiny little parcel of perfection in the studio today. He was so sleepy and relaxed, he didnt make a peep until he was getting dressed to go home.

Introducing bubba JamesNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0905Feedback from Mum - Thank you Amelia - we had a beautiful morning! I can't wait to see the photos! 


01 Sep 2016

Oliver | Newborn Photography Sydney (1)

This little snookums decided that he'd much rather come for his photoshoot in person, arriving very early only a day before our scheduled Maternity session! Cheeky chops!
Lucky he was such a gentleman and was chilled and relaxed throughout his entire session.

Introducing Oliver | 7 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0199

12 Aug 2016

Sienna | Hills Newborn Photography

This little cherub was so stunning today. So sleepy and perfect and such a great little model.

Meet Sienna | 13 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0181 Feedback from Mum - Thank you so much Amelia for being so kind and professional!! We had the best time and she did too. Looking forward to the rest of the gallery 


25 Jul 2016

Stella | Newborn Photography Sydney

This little button was a superstar today. We sure did have lots of fun incorporating some different items form home into her session, including her Daddy's motorbiking helmet and boots.  The top image is a fantastic gift from a friend. Those letters are little squares of chocolate, delivered to her gorgeous Mummy in hospital. YUM!

Meet Stella | 10 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0127Feedback from Mum - Wow! Our first trip out as a family of 3 today was a little daunting for mummy at 10 days old, but Amelia you far exceeded my expectations. I instantly felt relaxed and clearly Miss Stella felt completely at ease. I can not wait to see to the complete collection, if the teaser is anything to go by they will be amazing! Thank you xx

13 Jun 2016

Cora | Hills District Newborn Photography

I felt like I stepped back in time 2 years when this little muffins big brother was born. They are little carbon copies of each other!

Meet Cora | 9 day newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0093Feedback from Mum - Thank you so much for today Amelia!!! Just like 2 years ago it was an absolute pleasure watching you work your magic, just this time with the two of them. Cant wait to see all the pics xxx

19 Jan 2016

Jayden | Sydney Newborn Photography

This little man's Mum and dad brought the coolest family t-shirts in for his newborn session yesterday. His didn't fit him that well, but wheres theres a will there's a way!

Meet Jayden | 7 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0896Feedback from Mum and Dad - them!! Can't wait to see all the photos! Thanks Amelia, you're really amazing. Can't wait to see the rest of the awesome photos Amelia!

24 Jul 2015

Jonah | Hills District Newborn Photography

Oh goodness, this little bit of eye contact floored me today. This little miracle was such a good little boy today and rocked all of his poses.

Meet Jonah | 9 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0687

24 Jun 2015

Benjamin | Hills Newborn Photography

Check out this cute little parcel I had in the studio today. Daddy's little Sea Eagle and such a poser

Benjamin | 14 days newNewborn Photography Sydney 0653Feedback from Mum - Thank you so so much Amelia! I absolutely love these!