27 Jul 2017

Caleb | Newborn Photography Hills District

All of the little things that make you, you.

Sweet bubba Caleb | 6 days newNewborn Photography Hills District Sydney 0055Feedback from Mum - Thank you Amelia for always making my family feel so at ease in your studio. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.


21 Jul 2017

Lexi | Newborn Photography Sydney

Pure perfection with incredible eye lashes for days.

Introducing Lexi | 7 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0350Feedback from Mum - Thanks for today Amelia. You are so talented!!! I can't wait to see the rest of the snaps xx


25 Jun 2017

Kit | Newborn Photography Sydney

Oh Kit, you were so little and perfect I could have put you in my pocket and kept you! Not one single peep from this little parcel today. She was on her best behaviour.

Introducing Kit | 10 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0203Feedback from Mum - Thanks so much for an amazing session today you were certainly in your element and have such amazing skills with the bubbas. Anyone wanting newborn shots, this is your lady, you will not be disappointed!!!


17 May 2017

Ivy | Sydney Newborn Photography

Oh Ivy, you sure did wrap yourself around my heart today. Such a wonderfully relaxed little darling, already full of personality.

Intorducing Ivy | 7 days new and simply perfectNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0886

13 May 2017

Salvatore | Newborn Photography Sydney

I love it when the days begin to cool down & being inside in the warm and cosy studio, snuggling a fresh bubba makes the day so much more wonderful.

Introducing the very handsome Salvatore | 8 days new Newborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0940Feedback from Mum - It was amazing watching you work Amelia! Thankyou for the experience! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos.


29 Mar 2017

Keira | Newborn Photography Sydney

Nothing beats the freshness of a brand new baby.

Introducing Keira 8 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0809

Feedback from Mum - Thanks Amelia for a beautiful shoot! We were so nervous about it but you made it so relaxing and a wonderful experience.

14 Mar 2017

Isaac | Newborn Photography Sydney

If this doesnt cheer up your day - I dont know what will. Look at that happy face!! 

Introducing Isaac | 12 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0853Feedback from Mum - Thanks so much Amelia! We had such an enjoyable morning, you made it so easy! Love these and can't wait to see the rest xx


13 Jan 2017

Elsie | Sydney Newborn Photography

This family was just wonderful today. Three kids under 4 and everyone was on their most wonderful behaviour and the whole morning was just a delight <3

Meet Elsie | 9 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0571Feedback from Mum - Aww love it! Thanks so much Amelia!


03 Dec 2016

Brooklyn | Sydney Newborn Photography

Ah, this little miracle was absolutely wonderful during her session. Not one sound from her allllll morning. Such a sweet little face.

Introducing Brooklyn | 8 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0506 1Feedback from Mum - Thank you were so good with her...can't wait to see the rest 

30 Nov 2016

Ophelia | Newborn Photography Sydney

Oh my it has been a crazy few weeks. Lots of galleries going up and LOTS of babies being born. Here is today's sleepy little beauty

Introducing Ophelia | 9 days newNewborn Photography Sydney Hills District 0501