30 Jul 2017

Shadi | Maternity Photography Sydney

This beauitful Mum to be rounded out a crazy weekend of FIVE fantastic sessions. So greatful for all of the amazing, beautiful families that come and see me time and again

Shadi | 36 weeks and glowing brightMaternity Photography Hills District Sydney 0057Feedback from Shadi - Thanks Amelia for these beautiful photos. Can't wait to see the whole collection. The photo session was fun and relaxed, and even Nadia enjoyed it a lot.


24 Jun 2017

Jess | Sydney Maternity Photography

One little girl is ultra excited to be a big sister in a few weeks. Such a wonderfully exciting time!
Jess | 34 weeks and shining like a diamond

Maternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0307

06 May 2017

Bonnie | Maternity Photography Sydney

When your Mumma is having a glamorous photo with some flowing fabric, and you just HAVE to have a turn too. Adorable level 100!

Scarlett and her Beauitful pregnant Mumma BonnieMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0922Feedback from Bonnie - Thank you Amelia for your great work! We had so much fun & enjoyable.Cant wait to see the photos.


09 Jul 2016

Jo | Sydney Maternity Photography

Jo was absolutely stunning today. Pregnancy suits her so so perfectly! 

Jo | 34 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0117


Thank you so much Amelia! I love these so much, can't wait to see all the others. We had such an amazing time!

23 May 2016

Ariel | Maternity Photography Sydney

That feeling... When you are so very close to meeting the precious human that had been growing inside of you for 9 long months. The anticipation to meet your special little miracle.

Ariel | 39 weeks and absolutely flawlessMaternity Pregnancy Photography Sydney Hills District 0073Feedback from Ariel - Thanks Amelia, absolutely great time in your studio today! Thank you so much for the perfect work!!!!

05 Dec 2015

Angelique | Sydney Maternity Photography

Oh this family was the best today. Gorgeous and smiley and so much fun. These two boys are going to be the most amazing brothers to their two baby sisters!

Angelique | 28 weeks x2Maternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0834Feedback from Angelique - These photos are gorgeous, can't wait to see the rest!

20 Jul 2015

Bechi | Hills District Maternity Photography

Next up today was this stunning Mumma to be

Bechi | 35 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0685Feedback from Bechi - Thanks Amelia for your amazing work

07 Mar 2015

Jenna | Maternity Photography Sydney

This Mumma to be was shining bright for her early morning session.
Meet Jenna | 35 weeks and GLOWING

Maternity Photography Hills District 0465

Feedback from Mum - omg this is amazing hun!! Unbelievable, perfect, stunning!!! I had a great day with you I felt so comfortable and could not stop smiling

13 Dec 2014

A new beginning, a new start

I was lucky enough to photograph this statuesque beauty today | 35 weeks 
Looking forward to meeting their bundle of joy in the new year!

Maternity Photography Sydney 0292

05 Oct 2014


Two sessions for this sunny sunday. I sure am looking forward to a family day tomorrow 
First up was the stunning Pauline, celebrating her adorable bump


Maternity Photography Sydney 0230


Feedback from Mum: Thank you Amelia! Gary and I both have a very enjoyable time maternity shoot. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics xxxxx