22 Jul 2017

Zoe | Maternity Photography Sydney

When a handsome Canadian man meets a gorgeous Chinese woman in the great Down Under and bring a little Aussie into the world! Isnt life grand? 

Meet the glowing ZoeMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0351

27 May 2017

Linda | Maternity Photography Hills District

So great seeing this beautiful Mumma again after a cake smash for soon to be BIG brother Liam last year.

Linda | 31 weeks and simply exquisiteMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0984

Feedback from Linda - Thanks Amelia for a wonderful session and beautiful pics! Can't wait to see the rest.

26 May 2017

Sionead | Maternity Photography Sydney

With number three just weeks away. Still crazy for each other. Still loving life and enjoying the moment. Still giddy with anticipation.
Sionead | 34 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0983

Feedback from Sionead - Thank you so much, we love what you do for us. Can't wait to see the rest. 

24 May 2017

Maryam | Hills District Maternity Photography

The lovely Maryam was my studio visitor today. She was shining bright like a diamond.Maternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0886

10 Jan 2017

Leanne | Maternity Photography Sydney

A Mother's Love. It knows no limits, no end and no bounds.

Leanne | 32 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0565Feedback from Leanne - Thank you, these are lovely.


24 Sep 2016

Rachel | Maternity Photography Sydney

When my beautiful clients come back to me time and again, trusting in me to capture their special moments...words can't describe how amazing that is!
This fantastic, hilarious family will be adding one more little miracle their family in a few short weeks.

Rachel | 35 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0441Feedback from Rachel - Yayness! Thank you so much for being patient with my son! Haha can't wait to bring our little one back soon 

09 Jul 2016

Jo | Sydney Maternity Photography

Jo was absolutely stunning today. Pregnancy suits her so so perfectly! 

Jo | 34 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0117


Thank you so much Amelia! I love these so much, can't wait to see all the others. We had such an amazing time!

01 Aug 2015

Kathy | Maternity Phorography Sydney

These two are going to be the coolest parents. We had a lot of laughs today! Partners in life and in work.

Kathy | 37 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0701Feedback from Kathy - What a fun morning getting photos done. Thanks Amelia for capturing this moment for us. We can't wait to see the rest.

20 Jul 2015

Bechi | Hills District Maternity Photography

Next up today was this stunning Mumma to be

Bechi | 35 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0685Feedback from Bechi - Thanks Amelia for your amazing work

04 Jul 2015

Kallyn | Maternity Photography Sydney

Next up were these gorgeous newly-weds. So in tune with each other and so in love. I can just see they are going to be great parents to this bundle of joy!

Kallyn, you are glowing!Maternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0667Feedback from Kallyn - Thank you soo much! You were amazing!!! You made us feel so welcome and comfortable. Can't wait to see all the photos! Even more excited to get our little boys done when he arrives!!!