30 Jul 2017

Shadi | Maternity Photography Sydney

This beauitful Mum to be rounded out a crazy weekend of FIVE fantastic sessions. So greatful for all of the amazing, beautiful families that come and see me time and again

Shadi | 36 weeks and glowing brightMaternity Photography Hills District Sydney 0057Feedback from Shadi - Thanks Amelia for these beautiful photos. Can't wait to see the whole collection. The photo session was fun and relaxed, and even Nadia enjoyed it a lot.


22 Jul 2017

Zoe | Maternity Photography Sydney

When a handsome Canadian man meets a gorgeous Chinese woman in the great Down Under and bring a little Aussie into the world! Isnt life grand? 

Meet the glowing ZoeMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0351

24 Jun 2017

Jess | Sydney Maternity Photography

One little girl is ultra excited to be a big sister in a few weeks. Such a wonderfully exciting time!
Jess | 34 weeks and shining like a diamond

Maternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0307

22 Jun 2017

Carla | Maternity Photography Sydney

Helping my Mummas feel gorgeous, empowered and special is one of my most favourite things to do in the world. Just like this beauty.

Carla | 37 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0144

27 May 2017

Fiona | Maternity Photography Sydney

Wow wow wow this Mumma today was just so incredibly stunning. And with a total of four legs and four arms kicking about inside there, she deserves a medal for looking this relaxed and flawless

Fiona | 32 weeks with twinsMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0985

27 May 2017

Linda | Maternity Photography Hills District

So great seeing this beautiful Mumma again after a cake smash for soon to be BIG brother Liam last year.

Linda | 31 weeks and simply exquisiteMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0984

Feedback from Linda - Thanks Amelia for a wonderful session and beautiful pics! Can't wait to see the rest.

26 May 2017

Sionead | Maternity Photography Sydney

With number three just weeks away. Still crazy for each other. Still loving life and enjoying the moment. Still giddy with anticipation.
Sionead | 34 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0983

Feedback from Sionead - Thank you so much, we love what you do for us. Can't wait to see the rest. 

24 May 2017

Hayley | Maternity Photography Hills District

Meet the stunning birthday girl Hayley and her super sidekick Chase.Maternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0884

Feedback from Hayley -  I could not have had more fun! Amelia you are the most talented photographer, my little boy fell in love with you instantly and you made the whole experience so enjoyable. I would highly recommend Cherry on Top photography to anyone wanting gorgeous photos to treasure for a lifetime.

24 May 2017

Jenny | Sydney Maternity Photography

The stunning JennyMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0885

24 May 2017

Maryam | Hills District Maternity Photography

The lovely Maryam was my studio visitor today. She was shining bright like a diamond.Maternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0886