22 Jun 2017

Carla | Maternity Photography Sydney

Helping my Mummas feel gorgeous, empowered and special is one of my most favourite things to do in the world. Just like this beauty.

Carla | 37 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0144

24 May 2017

Hayley | Maternity Photography Hills District

Meet the stunning birthday girl Hayley and her super sidekick Chase.Maternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0884

Feedback from Hayley -  I could not have had more fun! Amelia you are the most talented photographer, my little boy fell in love with you instantly and you made the whole experience so enjoyable. I would highly recommend Cherry on Top photography to anyone wanting gorgeous photos to treasure for a lifetime.

24 May 2017

Maryam | Hills District Maternity Photography

The lovely Maryam was my studio visitor today. She was shining bright like a diamond.Maternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0886

23 May 2017

Cinderella | Maternity Photography Sydney

Pregnancy photography is such a favourite of mine. Showcasing beautiful bumps, empowering mums to be and capturing this brilliant moment brings me a heart full of joy.

Cinderella | 30 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0883

Feedback from Cinderella and her husband - Such a beautiful shot! You're amazing, Amelia!!! You have magic in your hands... Thank you so much. I'm sure Cindy (and me of course!) enjoyed today! Thank you so much Amelia! This is fabulous!


06 May 2017

Bonnie | Maternity Photography Sydney

When your Mumma is having a glamorous photo with some flowing fabric, and you just HAVE to have a turn too. Adorable level 100!

Scarlett and her Beauitful pregnant Mumma BonnieMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0922Feedback from Bonnie - Thank you Amelia for your great work! We had so much fun & enjoyable.Cant wait to see the photos.


29 Apr 2017

Emma | Maternity Photography Sydney

How better to kick off your Baby Shower day than a mini session with me. This mumma was shining bright like a diamond today. 

Emma | 36 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0907




26 Mar 2017

Jacquie | Maternity Photography Sydney

When you're having a glamorous photoshoot and you REALLY need to take a call #toddlerlife

Caitling and her Mum Jacquie | 35 weeks

Maternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0807

23 Mar 2017

Cherie | Sydney Maternity Photography

Due with number three in a matter of days, this Mumma was shining bright like a diamond
Cherie | 39 weeks Maternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0752

Feedback from Cherie - Thank you Amelia for your great work! I never thought of doing a maternity photography until stopping by your website. You are making the photo session so much fun & enjoyable, on top of that, you are so good at entertaining the kids, my two boys just love to stay at your studio. I can't believe that we have the beautiful photos taken with the handful kids together. Thank you so much! It's not only the lovely photos that we will have, it's the invaluable memory for our family for life.

10 Jan 2017

Leanne | Maternity Photography Sydney

A Mother's Love. It knows no limits, no end and no bounds.

Leanne | 32 weeksMaternity Photography Sydney Hills District 0565Feedback from Leanne - Thank you, these are lovely.


28 Dec 2016

Tara | Maternity Photography Sydney

Someone loves Mumma's tummy! Way too easy photographing these guys today. Gorgeousness all 'round! 

Tara | 35 weeksMaternity Splash Photography Sydney Hills District 0545