01 Aug 2017

Annabelle | Baby Photography Sydney

Gah, this face!!! Even though her teeth were bothering her, she absolutely rocked her session today. What a sweetheart!

Annabelle | 7 monthsBaby Photography Hills District Sydney 0068Feedback from Mum - Thanks for a great day we both had fun. Can't wait to see the rest of the shots. 


08 Jul 2017

Walter and Rowan | Baby Photography Sydney

Walter and Rowan
Two of the most handsome little men you should ever meet. I just love that even though they are twins, they are just so individual. They are their own little selves.Baby Photography Sydney Hills District 0250

Feedback from Mum - Oh my little men! Thanks Amelia for a wonderful morning! We had a great time. Looking forward to seeing more like these!

06 Jul 2017

Alyssa | Baby Photography Sydney

A busy mini session today with this adorbale little cheeky cherub. Happy Number 2 birthday Alyssa. I loved seeing you again so much.Bath Splash Photography Sydney Hills District 0233

Feedback from Mum - Thank you Amelia. We absolutely love the pictures. You have done a wonderful job once again! 

17 Jun 2017

Leo | Cake Smash Hills District

Leo has a blast splashing in the bath for his First Birthday Bath Splash. What a handsome little man!Bath Splash Photography Sydney Hills District 0141

Feedback from Dad - Thank you so much for today. We had the best fun and are so in love with these shots. Cant wait to see the others.

02 Apr 2017

Levi | Sydney Baby Photography

Massive levels of cuteness in the studio today with these gorgeous boys filling the room with joy.
Happy 100 days Levi 100 Days Photography Sydney Hills District 0814

Feedback from Mum - Both bubs had heaps of fun!! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos.

26 Mar 2017

Annabelle | Hills Cake Smash Photography

Miss Annabelle had a brilliant time making a huge mess during her 1st Birthday Bath Splash. She was so fantastic at clapping her hands. You could see how proud of herself she was! What a sweet little girl.Bath Splash Photography Sydney Hills District 0808

Feedback from Mum - Oh how cute!! Thanks so much Amelia! Can't wait to see the rest!

19 Mar 2017

Gus | Cake Smash Photography Hills District

Oh Gus, you brightened up my Sunday. Such a ray of sunshine you are! Happy Birthday cutie!Bath Splash Photography Sydney Hills District 0855

Feedback from Mum - Oh thank you so much! I love the pictures! CUTE. You are so great with getting the best out of the kids. It is always a pleasure having you take there pictures. X

08 Dec 2016

Poppy | Baby Photography Sydney

Pretty flowery spring shot for Mumma - Check. Super cute baseball themed shot for Dad - Check. Most adorable face ever - Check :)

Miss Poppy | 6 months and just blossomingBaby Photography Sydney Hills District 0509Feedback from Mum - Oh my Amelia you've done it again!!! You are seriously amazing!!! The way you capture every moment, every detail is spectacular! Thank you so much! We can not wait to see the rest!!!


10 Sep 2016

Oliver | Hills District Cake Smash

This little man was sooooo cute today i could have photographed him for forever. Sitter sessions around 6-9 months are such a blast!

Oliver | nearly 8 months Baby Photography Sydney Hills District 0244

07 Sep 2016

Paloma | Baby Photography Sydney

Oh Paloma, you were an absolute ball of happiness today. "Sitter" sessions are so much fun. Babies can sit up and enjoy tummy time and are full of sparkling personality, just like this little one.

Paloma | 8 monthsBaby Photography Sydney Hills District 0241Feedback from Dad and Mum - Amelia thank you for a brilliant photo session. Paloma loved it as you can did we!! / Amazing piccies!! We had a wonderful day! Thank you Amelia! Xxx